by Angie Sévère Etienne

Empowering you on the path of wellness and new possibilities

At Coaching N Beyond, you will discover Life and Wellness Coaching blended with energy awareness to embrace your difficulties, setbacks and issues, surf the path of life and become a better version of yourself.

Through the sessions, you are able to reconnect to yourself, understand why you are where you are now, find balance in your mind and emotions and focus on what you are looking for in the future.

Coaching and Energy together will empower you with courage in your body, love in your heart and peace in your mind!


Coaching is not counselling or therapy and it is not about giving advice or telling you what to do, mentoring or consulting.

Energy Awareness or Energy Therapy is a complementary modality and is not intended to replace allopathic medicine or any medication you may be taking. There is no interference with any ongoing medical treatment.

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within”
- Maya Angelou


  • Natacha, Mauritius

    Angie is the light you need in your life.
    I first contacted Angie while I was in a dark place. Angie showed me the light, showed me another way of seeing things, showed me roads I just couldn’t see on my own.
    It has been two years now and while I no longer feel helpless, I happily go to see Angie every month, chatting to her is my self-care routine.
    Angie listens with compassion, without judgement, cheer you up, take your frown on your face and turn it into a smile. I always leave Angie’s office feeling lighter and happier.

  • Cindy, Mauritius

    Before starting my sessions, I was at my lowest morally, physically and spiritually. I was angry. Thanks to the sessions with Angie I was able to become a better version of myself. I am fulfilled, a more composed mother and I manage my emotions better. I highly recommend Angie to move forward on the path of reconnection with oneself.

  • William, Mauritius

    My sessions with Angie have helped me a lot to no longer feel sorrow and to be more connected to the energies. The bracelets helped me to no longer have outburst of anger as well. Thanks Angie for your help. You have helped me tremendously.

  • Marie France, United Kingdom

    I went to Angie for some coaching and from my first session I felt the positive connection. She is articulate, informative, very intuitive. I highly recommend her.

  • Nevin, United Kingdom

    I have had countless number of sessions with Angie I am so glad I met her. She is an amazing soul and after every session with her my energy feels refreshed. She is so understanding, always makes you feel comfortable, never judges you and makes you feel at ease. Since having healing sessions with Angie I believe my life has changed in so many positive ways. My perspective on life has changed and she has guided me on my journey to discover my true self; most importantly helping me find my inner peace😇⭐️💜

  • Christine, Mauritius

    Coaching was beyond my expectations! It has helped me to change my approach towards difficulties and how to reach my full potential. I strongly recommend others to experience it.

  • Martine, Mauritius

    My Energy therapy with Angie is one of the most profound experiences I have been doing. During the last 2 years her healing work has helped me to reconnect with the real me. I shifted from a state of total emotional confusion to become someone with more self-confidence. I am so grateful for the change you have helped to activate in me!

  • Michael, France

    Have you ever felt  that despite all your efforts, your professional situation is stuck? That was my situation mid-2021. I did a combination of coaching and energy therapies sessions with Angie. Through the sessions I was able to focus and found my way through the choices that I was facing namely changing company and/or changing job. Six months later, I am very happy. The sessions helped me make my choice and  I now have a better short and medium term vision. I can only recommend Coaching N Beyond as Angie will empower you into pushing your thinking further and to seek beyond!


  • Devi, Mauritius

    Coaching with Angie is a great experience as she provides a safe space for us to open our heart; this enabling environment helped me revealed my own strengths and weaknesses.  Angie is a beautiful soul who helped me find answers to untackled questions in my life. I always look forward to talk to her as I know I will walk out of her door with a better version of myself.


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