Balance It All With Stones

Lithotherapy means using stones to take care of the body, mind and soul. Natural stones are gifts from the earth that are found around the world. They have energies of their own that help to bring balance and an overall well-being to the wearer. There are many types of natural stones that will bring balance to the body, mind, emotions and soul. Each natural stone has itʼs own multiple properties. I love Stones. They bring purity and strength from the earth to help each one of us find peace of mind, comfort, love, focus, intuition, protection and many more benefits.

Love & Relationships
Focus & Attention
Emotional Balance




Boost Your Well-being

Rose Quartz

This stone is known as the stone of unconditional love. It emits a strong vibration of joy, love and emotional healing. It helps in both activating ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’ love. It is one of the best stone when someone needs to focus more on self-love and self-care.


Tourmaline is one of the best negative energy blocker and positive energy attractor. It helps keep stress away by calming the mind and balancing the energy of the right and left hemisphere of the brain. It strengthens the immune system and contributes to the detoxification of the body. Tourmaline comes in black, pink, purple, yellow and transparent red color types. Each different tourmaline color also brings different properties like pink tourmaline will assist with infertility issues, purple tourmaline will deepen creativity and intuition, yellow tourmaline will enhance self-confidence and many more benefits.

Tree Agate

The ideal stone when one feels stuck and need help to move on to new possibilities. This stone helps to bring a new vision of the situation and establish a new focus for the future. Tree Agate has peaceful and calming energies that are beneficial for the health, mind and emotions.


The stone of regeneration, grounding and luck. This crystal assists in the growth of cells. It will help boost your immune system, help your body defend from infectious disease and assists in your relationships by bringing love, luck and peace. Red garnet will bring additional grounding properties to the body. This crystal comes in shades of red, green, yellow and brown. Green garnet has more benefits in relation to the health of the cells of the body.


The positive mood stone. This stone helps heal the heart from anger, sadness and pain. Perfect stone to have when you need emotional strength. Aventurine comes in green, red, pink, blue, grey, purple and each colour will have itʼs own additional benefits.

Our Bracelets

Natural stones come in bracelet style and at Coaching N Beyond we combine crystals so you make the most of your bracelet. We have many stones and we can find the right combination for your needs. Whatever your needs, be in touch.

Model S M L
Personalised Beads Bracelets Only SIZE IN CM 13.5 - 16.0 16.0 - 18.5 18.5 - 21.0
PRICE - MUR 950 1000 1050
Personalised (50%) & Standard (50%) Mix SIZE IN CM 13.5 - 16.0 16.0 - 18.5 18.5 - 21.0
PRICE - MUR 700 725 750
Standard Beads Bracelet Only SIZE IN CM 13.5 - 16.0 16.0 - 18.5 18.5 - 21.0
PRICE - MUR 500 525 550
  • *Beads Size range between 6mm-10mm
  • *Website Pictures are non-contractual
  • *Standard Beads: Lava Stone
  • *Personalised: All other beads including 7 chakras option
  • *Terms and Conditions Apply
  • *When there are 2 bracelets in the photo, the prices above are doubled